Little something I thought up while mowing.   “Brianna, what are you doing sitting out in this field?” Vaslew asked as he walked up behind her. “I was just taking a walk and I found this flower and it reminded me of my dad.” “A flower reminds you of your dad?” “Yes, this flower looks […]

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Human Idioms – Heavy Petting

One morning before the start of the early shift, Jin was sitting at the table in his quarters with his back to the rest of the room, when his roommate, Cor’ryn, walked up beside him causing him to nearly jump out of his seat. “It is not too late to request a new room assignment.” […]

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Human Idioms – Easter Eggs

Grangr was watching his roommate, Franz, play a video game but was confused because he was standing in one place and just pressing buttons. “What are you trying to accomplish?” “What? Oh, I am just trying to find an Easter egg.” Franz replied as he kept trying to find the right combination. “An Easter egg? […]

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Respect your equipment

“Private! What do you think you are doing?” yelled Master Sergeant Smith. The private snapped to attention “Trying to get a cup of coffee, sir!” “Why are you hitting the machine! This machine does not require to be hit in any of its operating instructions.” “I followed the instructions, but nothing comes out, sir!” “Look […]

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