They do what!

Two aliens, one reptilian, one insectoid, are sitting at a bar talking and drinking.

“They do what!?”

“I know, it is disgusting!”

“But they are carnivores!”

“That is what I was told.”

“I do not believe you. That is crazy!”

“There is one at the end of the bar, we shall ask him.”

They make their way to the end of the bar where a lone human is sitting, stirring his drink with his finger.

“You are a human, correct? Can we ask you some questions about humans?”

“Uh, yeah I’m human and sure you can ask.”

“Is it true that humans will kiss each other and place their tongues inside each other’s mouth?”

“Yeah, humans will do that.”

“Do you not worry that they will bite your tongue off and eat it?” asked the insectoid alien.

“No. I don’t think anyone has to worry about that.”

“What about cutting your tongue on their teeth?” asked the reptilian alien.

“Human teeth are not that sharp. Plus we mostly only touch tongues.”

“Do you taste the food they have eaten?”

“Usually we will brush our teeth beforehand, but sometimes we don’t have a chance so there may be an aftertaste.”

“Why do you do it?”

“We find it pleasurable.”

“We think it is gross.”

“If you think that is gross, then you don’t want to know where else we will put our tongues.”

The two inquisitive aliens both replied as they backed away, “No. No we do not.”

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