You would if you could

“Are you saying humans cannot do it?” asked the canine looking alien to the human at the bar.

“There are a few humans that are flexible enough, but for the most part we can’t do it.”

“Well, what do you do if you need to?”

“We get someone or something to help.”

“That can not be as good as doing it yourself?”

“Gets the job done, plus we don’t need it that often.”

“I would go crazy if I could not do it everyday.”

“Different strokes for different folks as humans say.”

“I guess that helps explain human’s need for companionship wherever they go.”

“Maybe.” the human replied with a grin.

The alien made his way back to the other side of the bar where his pack mate was sitting.

“Hey Growf, you are not going to believe this.”

“What did he say?”

“Humans cannot scratch their own backs!”

“I do not believe you!”

“He just confirmed it, they cannot reach everywhere.”

“That is crazy! What are you going to tell me next, that they cannot lick their own genitals clean?”

“I am not going to ask that one, you ask it!”

“No thank you. That is not something I need to know.”

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