My Absence

For the past 9-10 months or so, I have been dealing with some issues in my head and my writing was not helping. So, I put that aside while my brain figured things out and to pass the time that was used to write, I worked on a 18000 piece jigsaw puzzle that I have had for many years. I spent my Christmas break building a table big enough to hold it, and started working on the puzzle on Dec. 27th. I finished on June 9th, all but one piece. I spent two and a half hours searching everywhere until I found it under the couch on the other side of the room from where I sorted pieces. Whew! I finished faster than I had anticipated, mostly due to NHL being cancelled, so I had some extra time with no games to watch. Now that it is complete and I seem to be a bit better in my head, I plan on starting writing again. I have a few new story ideas plus several I started before, but could not finish. I don’t know when I will post one, but I am WANTING to do it again.

I have included some pictures of the puzzle below if you are interested. I plan on using the table to create a large Lego model to use to run D&D campaigns, once I figure out what to do with the puzzle. It will have multiple levels, a dungeon level with sections that can be replaced for different adventures and a top level built on plates that can be changed out. I will post updates on that, plus I plan on creating a YouTube channel to post the building process and then the gaming sessions. The table was created 10’1″ x 6’4″ and should accommodate 5 x 8 of the 15 inch Lego plates.

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