Not Again

When humans started expanding into space, they found many other species that were exploring the galaxy for themselves, but they found none that were colonizers. Humans, on the other hand, laid claim to and colonized any place they found, so long as there were not any existing sentient beings. As they continued their expansion for centuries, they eventually ran into the Barustas. The Barustas were also colonizers and were not happy to find humans everywhere they tried to expand. This led to a war that lasted for over a hundred years.

Just when the they thought the war was lost, the humans did something that was unthinkable to the Barustas leaders, they retreated. This perplexed them, as they were nearly exhausted of weapons, resources, and especially troops. They wondered if the humans were in the same situation and started sending out ships to assess their status. Everywhere they went just beyond the edges of their original territory was completely devoid of humans but they found equipment and supplies left behind.

They had no contact with the humans for over a year, until a single ship showed up at the edge of their territory broadcasting a message asking to speak to the Barustas leaders. The leaders did not want to rekindle the war, so they allowed the ship to travel to their home world and agreed to meet with a human representative. As Admiral Hancho entered the chamber of the leaders, one of them bellowed out “What do the humans what?” expecting terms of surrender and a list of concessions.

“When we finally broke your encryption, we learned just how dire your situation was. We also learned how proud and stubborn you are and knew that you would fight to the death. We could not let that happen.” Confusion permeated the Barustas leaders with that statement. “You see, humans have been responsible for the extinction of many species on our home planet, some intentional, some accidental. When we started spreading out into the galaxy, we vowed that we would never be a part of any species extinction if it could be avoided, especially not over something as trivial as territory or resources.”

“If you are not here to demand our surrender and concessions, what are you here for, to gloat?”

“No, I am here to offer our assistance in your rebuilding. If you allow it, we have a thousand freighters filled with materials and tools and can supply workers to assist.”

The Barustas leaders were leary of the offer, but accepted it which lead to a prosperous peace between the species.

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