Anything can be a weapon – Jack in the Box

The Mragans invasion of Earth had been dragging on for longer than they had expected. Humans did not just give up and submit themselves to slavery but instead fought back even if it meant their own deaths. Their commanders realized they did not have the numbers to take the entire planet, so they concentrated on holding a large area to establish a base until reinforcements arrived. They were fairly well protected with their defences in place and could repel any attack the humans could throw at them. But their perimeter guards, and the occasional raiding party they would send out, were still vulnerable targets and they would learn how effective humans can be at attrition warfare.


Snipers Mark and Jim sat atop a building, camouflaged among the debris, scanning the perimeter of the enemy base looking for their next target. When they would locate a target, they would have to determine a way to hit them without giving away their position. The Mragans did not have typical auditory receptors, but have extremely good vision covering a nearly 360 degree view and they can see sound waves, so a direct shot would easily be seen, giving away their location. To kill one they had to ricochet a round off of whatever they could find and it started to become a game between them as to who could make the hardest successful shot.


“I got two over here.” Mark announces as he lines up his shot. “2 ricochet, 2 kill…wait…wait…” He pulls the trigger sending the shot on its way. It ricochets off a gas meter then off the turret of a destroyed tank and then through one enemy followed by the other.

“These targeting computers make this too easy.” he says while looking at Jim just shaking his head. “That puts me up, your turn.”


A few hours later, Jim starts laughing “Ha ha ha”.

“What you got?” Mark asks.

“Ha ha ha, got a group of six resting below the wreckage of that apartment building at ten o’clock. Ha ha ha, watch this.” He sends off a shot that careens off a truck fender then off a parking meter and directly into a children’s room on the third level, hitting the leg of a nightstand that was close to the edge of the wrecked floor. As the Mragans were looking for the source of the shot, a toy that was sitting on the nightstand, slides off and lands in the middle of the group with a thud. They all turn to see what landed between them and find a small colorful box. One of them pokes it with their weapon, causing it to start making noise, “Dum de de dum de dum de de dum, de dum de dum de dum dum.” They start leaning in closer trying to figure out what the thing is. “De dum de dum de dum de de dum” The top opens up and a clown puppet springs out as it lets out a loud “POP” causing all the Mragans to jump back and instinctively pull the trigger on their weapons, rapidly firing as they stumble and end up shooting each other in the ensuing chaos.


Jim and Mark sits there laughing for ten minutes before Mark finally says “Ok, that’s it, you win today, lets head back and get that video uploaded, we’ll get ten million hits.”

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