Human Idioms – Easter Eggs

Grangr was watching his roommate, Franz, play a video game but was confused because he was standing in one place and just pressing buttons. “What are you trying to accomplish?” “What? Oh, I am just trying to find an Easter egg.” Franz replied as he kept trying to find the right combination. “An Easter egg? […]

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Respect your equipment

“Private! What do you think you are doing?” yelled Master Sergeant Smith. The private snapped to attention “Trying to get a cup of coffee, sir!” “Why are you hitting the machine! This machine does not require to be hit in any of its operating instructions.” “I followed the instructions, but nothing comes out, sir!” “Look […]

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Human Idioms – Tied up

“Have you seen Grangr, over there talking with Steven?” Ginger said elbowing Mary next to her. “Yeah, the dog like alien.” Mary answered without looking up from her breakfast. “Wolf!” Ginger replied loud enough for everyone in the room to hear which caused her face to turn as red as her hair. “He probably would […]

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Human Idioms – Deep shit

“Steve, wait up.” yelled Quatittel as Steven walked down the shuttle bay. “I thought you had already left?” Steven said as Quatittel caught up. “My shuttle was delayed due to a late passenger so I came to see you off. Where is Parla? I thought she would be with you.” “It’s her shift, so we […]

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Only Humans Have Souls

Chilla is holding her fathers hand while they walk through the bazaar courtyard when they pass a couple humans yelling at each other. “Fadir, why did that alien yell at the other one to go to hell? Where is hell?” she asks her father. “Well…” Guster said as he tried to figure out how to […]

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The Benadur are the most advanced race in the galaxy and they use all lesser races as their servants. When they think a new species is ready, they send a conquering force and subjugate them to add to their slave ranks. After the scouts returned from their reconnaissance mission to Earth, the king looked over […]

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Krag’var walked into Emperor Thun’kun’s throne room, trying to stop shaking at the thought of being executed after presenting his report. He looked at the members of the Emperors entourage and saw them averting their eyes, knowing his fate. As he approached the Emperor he knelt and waited for permission to speak. “Speak.” announced the […]

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