Little something I thought up while mowing.


“Brianna, what are you doing sitting out in this field?” Vaslew asked as he walked up behind her.

“I was just taking a walk and I found this flower and it reminded me of my dad.”

“A flower reminds you of your dad?”
“Yes, this flower looks like one from Earth called a Dandelion. It’s actually considered a weed and humans try to kill them. My dad would spray the yard with weed killer, but there would always be one to grow. I would find it when its seeds would form and blow them free.” She puckered up and blew the seeds free. “My dad would tell me not to do it because it caused him more work, but I think he would always leave one so I could.”

“So your dad would not kill them all just so you could blow one even though it caused him more work?”

“Yes, I think he thought the joy it would bring me was worth it.”

“He must love you very much.” Vaslew said as he sat down then picked up a flower and exhaled a breath to release the seeds.

“Yeah, and I miss him very much.” Brianna replied as she grabbed another one and blew on it, watching as they floated off in the wind. They continued in silence until they exhausted all the nearby flowers.

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