Human Idioms – Easter Eggs

Grangr was watching his roommate, Franz, play a video game but was confused because he was standing in one place and just pressing buttons. “What are you trying to accomplish?”

“What? Oh, I am just trying to find an Easter egg.” Franz replied as he kept trying to find the right combination.

“An Easter egg? What kind of creature is an Easter?”

“It’s not a creature, it is a religious holiday. During the holiday, some people would decorate eggs in bright colors and hid them for the children to find.”

“There is brightly colored eggs hidden in the game?”

“Not exactly, game developers will hide things in a game that have nothing to do with the story, but are extras for the player to find. It could be a picture, or message, or as in the first case it was the name of the programmer. His name was not allowed to be in the credits so he added in the game itself. Humans will also put them in movies and stories they write.”

“How do you find them?”

“Well, some people are obsessive and will try anything and everything, others will try to decipher the code itself looking for clues to find them. Sometimes the developers will drop hints about them to help the players find them. In movies, it may be something in the background from another movie or story or foreshadowing something for the future. In books it may be words or phrases that have more than one meaning.”

“Interesting, entertainment within entertainment. I can see how it makes it more interesting and engaging.”

“Found it!” Franz announced as he opened a door in a blank wall. As his character enters the room, there is writing on the walls. “It seems that this one is just a list of all the testers that worked on the game.”

“That seems to be a bit of an anticlimax.”

“It is worth it to them to get some acknowledgement for their work.”

“But it seems to be a lot of work for minimal gain, does everybody find them?”

“No, most players just play the game, watch the movie, or read the story and not try to find the hidden goodies. Some will find out about them from others and then go look for them.”

“Sounds like the developers and writers should drop more hints.”

“Maybe they should.”

Here are some of the Easter Eggs I have included in my writings: Easter Eggs

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