The Benadur are the most advanced race in the galaxy and they use all lesser races as their servants. When they think a new species is ready, they send a conquering force and subjugate them to add to their slave ranks. After the scouts returned from their reconnaissance mission to Earth, the king looked over the report and decided to send a single war ship to conquer the humans, as their defenses were that primitive.


The war ship arrived in orbit and within an hour it had destroyed all weapons of any significance, no matter where they were or how they were hidden. It then sent down an unmanned craft and left orbit. The craft parked itself in front of the UN headquarters building and broadcast a message in all languages around the world.


“We are the Benadur. The destruction of all your weapons was to show you that you are completely at our mercy. Our technology is superior to yours and far beyond your understanding. You will provide one billion able bodied breeding age humans to be willing slaves for our empire. You will continue to supply slaves as we see fit. So that you understand how powerless you are, we have given your scientist full access to a ship parked at your UN headquarters. They will be able to access the data banks to see our history and how we are in control of the entire galaxy. They will also have access to the technology on board the ship, though they will not be able to understand it. In three days a single representative will board this craft to return to us with your decision and will become the first slave. Failure to comply will result in your entire species being taken as slaves and will face eventual extinction.”


Humanity sent in the scientists and they downloaded all information they could get. The Benadurs boasts were not bragging, they were the top dog in the galaxy, nobody could stand up to them. The scientists studied the tech and could not figure out what energy it used let alone how it worked. Engineers poured over every system, trying to glean any usable information. After three days were up, the volunteer boarded the ship and it took off headed back to its home world.


When it exited warp and entered into the system, a communication was received. “We are glad humans realized the futility of resistance and recognized our superior technology.”

“Yes.” answered Jim. “Our scientists were not able to understand how your technology works.” he continued as he could see the craft approaching a planet that looks to be a single city. “But we did figure out one thing.”

“What insignificant detail could you have learned that would do you any good?” the voice asked sarcastically.

“We figured out how to hot wire the warp drive.” Jim said as he pressed a button engaging the warp drive and sending the ship crashing into the planet below with enough force to cause the core to emerge from the other side, effectively turning it inside-out….and it exploded.

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