Human Idioms – Tied up

“Have you seen Grangr, over there talking with Steven?” Ginger said elbowing Mary next to her.

“Yeah, the dog like alien.” Mary answered without looking up from her breakfast.

“Wolf!” Ginger replied loud enough for everyone in the room to hear which caused her face to turn as red as her hair.

“He probably would have heard you anyway with those ears.” Mary replied trying to ease her embarrassment.

“That’s ok, it’ll help break the ice later… How much trouble do you think I would get in if I walked over there and ripped open his shirt and buried my face into his chest?”

“A lot of trouble.” stated Captain Cho who was sitting there finishing her cup of coffee.

“I didn’t take you for a furry.” Shawna interjected.

“Not a furry, just team Jacob.”

“Team who?” Shawna and Mary asked in unison.

“Old books and movies about vampires and werewolves.” the captain answered.

“He’s a bit small for a werewolf.” Mary observed.

“Big enough, he’s nearly as tall as Steven.” Ginger retorted as she noticed Steven coughing and then grabbing at his shirt collar. “I need to get a collar and leash.”

“You think he would let you put him on a leash?” Mary asked.

“The leash and collar are for me.” she answered looking at her slyly.

“You would let him lead you around by a leash?”

“He could tie me up and have his way with me anyway he wants.” she replied staring dreamily at him.

“Girl, you’re a freak.” Shawna responded.

“Look, his tail is wagging. He must have heard you.” Mary teased.

“All right, that’s enough. We better get to work before Red gets overheated and can’t function.” announced the captain as she stood up, followed shortly by the others.




“Sounds like they are talking about you.” Steven said to Grangr after hearing the cry of wolf across the room.

“One of them called me dog like and the other.. well you heard. I am almost insulted to be compared to something that walks on all four legs.”

“They see you more of a werewolf than wolf.”

“Werewolf?” Grangr asked as he typed it into his datapad. “Oh…  So you have already envisioned beings like myself in your fantasy works.”

“Sort of. In those stories it is a human that turns into a werewolf, and can change back.”

“That is strange, but then again, some of our fantasy stories are about turning into fish or birds.”

“Can you hear everything they are saying?” Steven asked as he takes a big sip of his coffee.

“Just a few words here and there. What is team Jacob?”

Steven nearly choked on his drink. “Uh… it means she likes you.” he replied as he tugged on his wet shirt.

Grangr gulped, “Likes me?”

“Some humans have a thing for werewolves.” Steven said as he shrugged.

“Humans will have cross species relations?”

“Yes, my partner is a Perinjen.”

“There is a Perinjen on board?” Grangr asked excitedly causing his tail to wag.

“No, she is not here, she was on my last ship. Why, would that be a problem?”

“No. But we Morrahunds are wary of them, they like to play pranks which requires retaliation in kind, it is a game we play.”

“I’ve never known Parla to play a prank.”

“I think they only prank us. No one knows why they started it.”

“I will have to ask her about that later. We better get to work, this new ship has a lot of little problems to take care of.”



Later that week –


Mary arrived at Gingers crew quarters just as her roommate, Tak’chit, was leaving. “Is Ginger inside?”

“Yes, I think so. Go on in.”

Mary shuddered after the door closed and thought “It will take a while to get used to that.” as she was trying hard to suppress her arachnophobia.

“Ginger, you in there? We were supposed to meet thirty minutes ago.” Mary said as she knocked on her bedroom door.

“Uh…yeah, sorry, I, uh, got tied up.”

“Well come on, we only got a few hours before our shift.”

“Well… I can’t right now, I… we are kinda stuck.”

“We? Stuck? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you weren’t alone.”

“Yeah… We have a knot we can’t get loose.”

“Damnit, you and your bondage fetish. Fine, hurry up and cut yourselves free and come on, I’ll be waiting in the cafeteria.” She turned and left the quarters trying not to imagine what was going on in that room.



“Why did you say you were tied up?” Grangr asked after Mary had left.

“It can mean that I was busy with something I could not get away from.”

“Oh. So, you have a bondage fetish?”

“Yeah, maybe we can try some next time.”

“Maybe.” Grangr replied as he hugged her tight. “Do not dare cut us free.”

“I would not think of it.” Ginger said as she buried her face into his chest.