Human Idioms – Bury the hatchet

Steven is in his room anxiously getting ready to go on leave for the night at Moliompair, a transportation hub that has become known more for its entertainment than its original design. Just about any type of entertainment from around the galaxy can be found there and this may be the last time he gets to visit. As he is gathering his last effects to take, the door sounds to indicate that someone is there. “Come on in.” In walks Parla followed by Quatittel. “Perfect timing, I had just finished getting ready.”

“Good, we only have one night and there is so much I want to see.” Parla replied as she grabbed his arm and started pulling him out the door.


Their first stop was at a concert put on by the Manunalu Trio, a slight misnomer in name as it refers to three species not three individuals. Each species is avian like and their chorus of songs harmoniously reach into the soul and stirs emotions in all listeners.


Their next stop was at an arcade with many skill and chance games. Steven was able to show off humans innate targeting ability by breaking every high score or record on every targeting game he played. Parla excelled at reaction based games and Quatittel had an unnatural ability to win at chance games, so much so he was asked to leave the last one after winning multiple times in a row, beating astronomical odds, with the proprietor saying something under his breath.

“What did that guy say?” Steven asks Quatittel as they left the arcade.

“It was just a derogatory term used toward my species. Some think that we can see the future and that is how we are so good at chance games.”

“Can you?” Steven asked as he stopped and grabbed one of Quatittel’s tentacles.

Quatittel just stopped and looked at him with all zis eyes in a manner that Steven knew was a glare. “No, of course not. The future has not been decided yet so it is impossible to see it.”

“Ok, I didn’t think so, but I never know with your vision capabilities. It’s good that you can turn the other cheek like that.”

“But, I do not have cheeks.” replied a puzzled Quatittel.

“That is a saying that means that you did not feel the need to retaliate or say something back.”

“Yes, I learned it is not worth it, it only encourages them.”


They continued their exploration of the hub, watching a few more musical entertainers and window shopping in some of the specialized craft shops, before ending at the premier night club  in this quadrant. Luck was with them and they were able to get a table right as another party was leaving. They got some drinks and talked and took turns dancing so they wouldn’t lose their table. Later that evening, Steven was at the table watching Parla and Quatittel dance, thinking about all that transpired the past few weeks and how those two have talked through their misunderstandings. After their dance they returned to the table and Steven remarked “I am glad you two buried the hatchet.”

They just looked at each other and then at Steven and Quatittel said “We did not fight.”

Steven laughed, “I know, what that means is that you are friends again. In old times, two fighting parties would bury a hatchet to signify that they are done fighting and are friends again.”

“I am going to miss your human sayings, they are always so colorful.” Quatittel said changing the direction of the conversation.

“They will be assigning another human to take my place.” replied Steven as Parla wrapped her tail around his waist.

“I will not be here when they arrive.” Quatittel flatly said.

“You are leaving too?” Parla asked.

“I have been offered a new position which comes with a significant promotion. I think your dad suggested me as an accolade for my successful negotiations with the Lixa.”

“So you both are choosing to leave me?” Parla says while grabbing Stevens arm and looking up at him with a pout.

“It’s not my choice, I am under orders.” replies Steven.

“You cannot turn it down?” she asks still pouting.

“No. They have completed the first human ship that can accommodate lots of other species and they want me in engineering since I have experience working with their different needs.”

“Well, that stinks.” Parla replies and droops her head low.

“Hey we are supposed to be having a good time, forget about that for tonight and let’s continue enjoying the evening.” Steven said trying to lighten up the mood.

“Your right, and I think it is our turn to dance.” Parla says as she pulls Steven back to the dance floor.

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