Only Humans Have Souls

Chilla is holding her fathers hand while they walk through the bazaar courtyard when they pass a couple humans yelling at each other. “Fadir, why did that alien yell at the other one to go to hell? Where is hell?” she asks her father.

“Well…” Guster said as he tried to figure out how to explain it. “Some humans believe that a god or gods created the universe.”

“Like the Troende? Malishia says that P…p…proati, I think she said, exploded and created the universe.”

“Similar, but the Troende do not worship their god. Humans will pray to their gods. They will thank them for life, or give offerings for good fortune, and sometimes they ask for help.”

“Do the gods help them?”

“Some humans say they do, others say they do not. I saw one of their moving pictures and someone in it said that their god answers all requests, but sometimes the answer is no. But, humans are unique in that they are the only beings that believe in an afterlife.”

“An afterlife?” Chilla asks.

“They believe that when they die, a part of them will leave their body and go live with the gods. They call it their soul.”

“So humans have a soul that lives with their gods when they die.”

“Yes, but some humans believe in a place where the soul of evil humans will go instead of living with their god, they call it hell.”

“So that human was calling the other one evil?”

“Yes. You are very smart.” Guster smiled and drummed his fingers down the scales on the back of Chillas head.

“You said that some humans believe in gods, what about the ones who do not, do they have souls?”

“If they do not believe in the afterlife, then there is no place for their souls to go, so I do not know why they would have one.”

“Maybe they go to one of the afterlifes anyway.”

“But which one?”

“If I believe in their gods, would I get a soul?” Chillas asks as she looks up at her father in earnest.

“I…I do not know.” he replies as he looks down in embarrassment at her because he can not give her an answer.

“Can we find out?”

“Yes, there is a human religious center in town. There are many human religions there.”

“Good, having a soul sounds like it would be nice.”

“Yes it does.”

“I also heard that there is some religions that believe your soul comes back as another being.”

“Oooh, that would be nice too.”

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