Until Death

Professor Malkin was sitting in his office pondering what species to use to try and stump his students in today’s lecture. In thirty years of teaching final level Xenoanthropology, he has never failed at bringing up a sentient species that none of his students was familiar with. But this year, this class took it as […]

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Bob’s Experiment

Rod and Thul walked over to Bob who was just sitting there staring at his experiment. “How is your experiment going Bob? I already have three hundred created, Thul has four.” “I only have one.” was Bob’s answer. “Only one hundred? You better get busy and stop staring at it.” replied Rod. “No, not one […]

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Human Idioms – Herding Cats

Steven and Quatittel were making their way down a maintenance duct, along with two other teams, working to corral the uninvited guests. Each team was carrying a freight bag that was large enough to cover across the duct and strong enough to contain their quarry without tearing. Or at least they hoped so, the beasts […]

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Human Idioms – Elbow Grease

Quatittel and Steven were crawling through a maintenance access duct having been tasked with removing the fungus that had been found. The duct was wide enough for them to work side by side and be able to reach all surfaces. Steven, having to sport a pair of goggles that would show the fungus with a […]

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