You would if you could

“Are you saying humans cannot do it?” asked the canine looking alien to the human at the bar. “There are a few humans that are flexible enough, but for the most part we can’t do it.” “Well, what do you do if you need to?” “We get someone or something to help.” “That can not […]

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They do what!

Two aliens, one reptilian, one insectoid, are sitting at a bar talking and drinking. “They do what!?” “I know, it is disgusting!” “But they are carnivores!” “That is what I was told.” “I do not believe you. That is crazy!” “There is one at the end of the bar, we shall ask him.” They make […]

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”I shit you not!” Dan said to the group of onlookers that had gathered at the bar to hear his tales of space travel. “No way. There is no way space is that bad.” replied Paul, his best friend who had joined him for his return home celebration. “I’m telling you, it is worse than […]


The biggest Stupendously Handsome Incredibly Talented Person Occupying System Terra

Something stupid I thought up. Alternatively titled Comma Hell   As it was a typical day, Kyle was sitting in his ‘apartment’, located in his parents basement, playing his favorite game, Warriors And Quests In Time, where he plays a female elf warrior wearing the best armor in the game, the Tiny Ice Thong of […]

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Respect your equipment

“Private! What do you think you are doing?” yelled Master Sergeant Smith. The private snapped to attention “Trying to get a cup of coffee, sir!” “Why are you hitting the machine! This machine does not require to be hit in any of its operating instructions.” “I followed the instructions, but nothing comes out, sir!” “Look […]

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First Contact – Bob

When the Vasurin Exploration Ship, the C’D’Varti discovered earth, they listened to transmissions for a while, decoding the languages and learning about the humans. After they felt they had enough of an understanding, they decided to proceed with the next step and talk to a few individuals before trying to contact officials. They scanned the […]

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