Human Idioms – Heavy Petting

One morning before the start of the early shift, Jin was sitting at the table in his quarters with his back to the rest of the room, when his roommate, Cor’ryn, walked up beside him causing him to nearly jump out of his seat. “It is not too late to request a new room assignment.” […]

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Human Idioms – Easter Eggs

Grangr was watching his roommate, Franz, play a video game but was confused because he was standing in one place and just pressing buttons. “What are you trying to accomplish?” “What? Oh, I am just trying to find an Easter egg.” Franz replied as he kept trying to find the right combination. “An Easter egg? […]

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Human Idioms – Tied up

“Have you seen Grangr, over there talking with Steven?” Ginger said elbowing Mary next to her. “Yeah, the dog like alien.” Mary answered without looking up from her breakfast. “Wolf!” Ginger replied loud enough for everyone in the room to hear which caused her face to turn as red as her hair. “He probably would […]

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Human Idioms – Deep shit

“Steve, wait up.” yelled Quatittel as Steven walked down the shuttle bay. “I thought you had already left?” Steven said as Quatittel caught up. “My shuttle was delayed due to a late passenger so I came to see you off. Where is Parla? I thought she would be with you.” “It’s her shift, so we […]

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Human Idioms – Bury the hatchet

Steven is in his room anxiously getting ready to go on leave for the night at Moliompair, a transportation hub that has become known more for its entertainment than its original design. Just about any type of entertainment from around the galaxy can be found there and this may be the last time he gets […]

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Human Idioms – Herding Cats

Steven and Quatittel were making their way down a maintenance duct, along with two other teams, working to corral the uninvited guests. Each team was carrying a freight bag that was large enough to cover across the duct and strong enough to contain their quarry without tearing. Or at least they hoped so, the beasts […]

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