Human Idioms – Down in the dumps

Steven was sitting in the mess hall in the back corner sipping a glass of water feeling depressed and wishing he could be drinking a stiff drink when JT Miscity enters in and walks over to him. The odor emanating off of him reaches her nose before she gets there causing her to wince. “You look bad.” she remarks as she places her paw across her nose and sits across the table from him.

“I have been working on the waste reclamation system. I was trying to finish so I could get cleaned up, but the maintenance chief made me take a lunch break. I can’t eat smelling like this and I did not want to clean up just to have to get dirty all over again.”

“No, I know why you are dirty, I assigned you to the task, I mean why do you look so upset? Surely having to eat lunch would not make you seem so distressed. You were in such a good mood last night.” she started to reach a paw over to caress his face, but changed her mind halfway there realizing he is really filthy.

“I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps today, that’s all.” he said staring down into his glass.

“How do you feel the job you have been doing? Are you alright, you are not making any sense? Are the fumes causing you problems?”

“No, that is just an idiom that means I feel a bit sad or melancholy.” he said still staring down into his glass.

“Why?” she inquired, though she had a feeling she already knew.

“It has been twenty days since I have seen Quatittel. Ze just disappeared without a word and nobody will tell me what is going on. We had just…” He stopped himself before saying more. “I don’t know if ze is avoiding me or mad at me or what.”

Miscity leans over the table getting close, but pulling back a little after getting a big whiff of his stench. “I should not tell you this and I can get in trouble for it, but I heard ze volunteered for some diplomatic mission and had to leave quickly.”

“Well, that at least explains why ze left so quickly and why no one can tell me what is going on. That makes me feel a little bit better.” Steven said perking up a little bit.

“Good, I have plans for us tonight and I do not want you being all mopey.” she said as they got up to leave. “You will definitely have to get cleaned up first.” she added as she tries to avoid his odor.

“Wait, you said YOU assigned me to this task?” he asks having just now caught that remark.

“Yes, I did not want to do it. Can you imagine how long it would take me to get that stuff out of my fur.” she answered with a smirk.

“Is that so?” Steven replied as he wiped a glob of the gunk off of his sleeve and started threatening to wipe it on her.

“You would not dare.” she said as she pulled away from him.

“Yes I would.” he said as he continued his pursuit and they ran out the mess hall door.

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