Human Idioms – The heat of the moment

Quatittel was laying in bed with many tentacles draped over Stevens naked body. Zis primary lobe was thinking about how ze is happy to finally know what was under all the clothes, but wondering what the fuss was about. Why did they need so much clothes to cover such a single small area? Zis secondary lobe was just basking in the endorphins and memories created by the previous hours exertion. Zis third lobe was wondering about the events that lead them here and in bed.

“Steve, when we were in the vent, about to be burned alive and die a horrible death, why did you kiss me?” Quatitttel said while ze rubbed a tentacle along Stevens stubble chin.

“After you sealed us up in the bag, you began to panic and started flailing around a bit. I was afraid you were going to loosen up the seal and then we would definitely been killed. So in the heat of the moment, I kissed you hoping that it would calm you down.”

“But why a kiss? Does heat make humans sexually aroused? Or is it a near death experience that excites humans?” Quatittel asks trying to understand that emotion being present in a time of crisis.

“Well…” Steven laughed, “Sometimes, in some situations, with some humans, I guess they could get aroused in those cases. Heat can cause the removal of clothes, and that can be arousing, especially between those who already have a connection. And some people get aroused from an adrenaline rush like those created during near death experiences. But in this case it was the first thing I could think of to take your mind off of the crisis situation and calm you down.”

“I had not created adhesive since I was in Survival Scouts when I was little. In our primitive days we would use it to bind leaves together to create cocoons to sleep in. I did not know if it could withstand the heat, and I did not know if the bag would melt, and if we were going to survive, and…” Quatittel was starting to get distressed as ze spoke, before Steven reached up and placed a hand on zis face area.

“It’s Ok, it is over now. We survived. You said that the seal would hold and it did. It only had to last for the initial blast as safeties kicked in and since it was not a sustained heat, the bag withstood it.” Steven paused as Quatittel calmed down. “Also, I did not want something to happen without you knowing how I felt about you. And it worked, you calmed down.”

“Physically yes, but mentally I was in even more turmoil. I was confused, I was aroused, but mostly I was really confused. I did not think you liked me in that way, you seem to like JT Miscity.”

“Her name is Parla, and yes, I do like her a lot, but I also like you.”

“I do not know her well enough to use her personal name.”

“Well, maybe you should get to know her better.”

“She seems to avoid me. I thought she was one who felt uncomfortable with my species, a lot of other species do. I am glad humans do not.”

“Some humans may feel uncomfortable with your species, we are very individualistic with our likes and dislikes, our fears and disgusts.” As Steven said that, he noticed Quatittel had a depressed look so he quickly changed the subject. “It is a shame the critters were killed. Were they the cause of the fungus?”

“We are not sure. We wanted to catch one to see if they were carrying it on their body, but with the blast and fire, I do not know if we will be able to determine that now.” Quatittel answered still not looking any less depressed.

“Professor T’ckTo’ck’s experiment should be done tomorrow, so he can take leave and we can use the gas to rid ourselves of the fungus without having to crawl through anymore ducts.” Steven said hoping something positive would perk zim up.

“That would be nice. I do not want to climb in any more ducts ever again.” Quatittel said looking a little happier.

“Me neither.” replied Steven.

Later as Quatittel is leaving, JT Miscity turned around the corner just in time to see zim close the door and head in the other direction, not noticing her. A very low “Mrrrr” escapes her lips.

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