Bob’s Experiment

Rod and Thul walked over to Bob who was just sitting there staring at his experiment.

“How is your experiment going Bob? I already have three hundred created, Thul has four.”

“I only have one.” was Bob’s answer.

“Only one hundred? You better get busy and stop staring at it.” replied Rod.

“No, not one hundred, just one.” said Bob as he sat back in his chair.

“You are never going to pass if you don’t get it working.” Thul gurgled out.

“Its working, just slowly.” said Bob with a confident look on his face.

After lunch, Bob was approached again by Rod and Thul and they inquired “So, you still only have one, or has it finally started producing more?”

“Still just one.” replied Bob matter-of-factly.

“I have four billion now, and Thul has six, but Vis has ten. She is sure to get the highest mark. You only have a few hours left, you better hurry.” Rod said with a judgmental tone.

Fifteen minutes before the end of class, Vis comments “Hey, my experiment is infected!”

“Mine too!” announced Thul.

As they frantically searched to see what was going on, Rod and everyone else discovers that their experiments have also been infected. Their investigation leads to Bob’s experiment having infected theirs.

“Mister Z” several students yelled in unison, “Bob’s experiment has infected mine.”

“There were no rules preventing that.” replied the instructor.

After the time was up, the instructor looked over everyone’s final result and found that Bob’s had taken over all of them completely. “Bob obviously had the most prolific experiment so he will get top marks. Everyone else will get a B grade for at least creating one that was thriving. Bob, for creating the universe that produced the single species, humans, you get an A. Now everyone destroy your work and clean up your mess.”

“Uh, Mister Z, it appears we have been infected by the humans.” said Rod as he and the others started having spots appear on them.

“Oh my me.” was all Mister Z could reply as he realized he was getting spots too.


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