Easter Eggs

Easter eggs I have included in my writings. Some words can translate from multiple languages into the word I used, I will only list one of them and do not mean any insult to not include others.


Moon named Tobeornot 2b    – Say it slowly, To be or not to be

Sudopodian   – Play on the word Pseudopod, meaning a tentacle like extension

Captain Porroinen a Zmaj   – Porroinen or more correctly pörröinen means fluffy or fuzzy in Finnish, zmaj means dragon in Bosnian.

Junior Tech Miscity   – Sometimes c’s can be pronounced as a K, Miss Kitty

is a Perinjen   – Say it slowly, purr engine

from Mounyan   – A portmanteau of Mou and nyan, both sound that cats make.

Lixa   – Portuguese for sandpaper

Moliompair   – A portmanteau of the Gaelic words Mol and iompair meaning transportation hub

Morrahund   – A portmanteau of the Swedish words morra meaning growl and hund meaning dog

Benadur   – A Welsh word meaning leader or chieftain

Thul   – Nickname for Cthulhu

Vis   – Nickname for Vishnu

Rod   – Slavic creator of the universe

Mister Z   – Zues

Fadir   – Icelandic for father